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November 13, 2012

UPDATED: Four arrested following stand-off at Elms Motel



“The pair were then taken in for questioning and subsequently arrested and booked into Rogers County Jail.”
Concurrent to this, officers also were securing arrest and search warrants for the room in which the two male suspects were staying and shortly before 5 p.m. Monday, began evacuating nearby room occupants at the hotel for their safety.
“During our investigation, we’d gotten tips that the suspects could be armed, so we contacted the SWAT team from the Tulsa Police Department, the Rogers County Sheriff’s Department and members of the Cherokee Marshals for back-up,” Brown said. 
“Given the information we’d received, we felt it necessary to handle this particular situation as a potentially ‘armed and dangerous’ scenario, coming in a little stronger than we might have otherwise.”
Following evacuation of the motel guests in adjacent rooms, officers announced themselves to the suspects, instructing them to exit (the room) with their hands up. 
After repeated attempts to get the suspects to surrender in this manner, officers entered the room to find the suspects had attempted to hide in the attic. They were quickly found and removed without harm or further incident.
Handing and Pirtle were booked and arrested on charges of possession of stolen vehicle, manufacturing of CDS (controlled dangerous substance)/possession of material with intent to manufacture, carrying firearms after conviction or during probation, and using offensive weapon in commission of a felony.
Hawley was arrested and booked on charges of manufacturing CDS, possession of material with intent to manufacture, and unlawful possession of vessel or motor vehicle.
Runions was arrested and booked on charges of possession  of controlled substance, distribution of controlled substance, including possession, and larceny —molesting or driving automobile for joy riding.
Bond on the suspects has yet to be set.

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