Claremore Daily Progress

January 7, 2014

Wild Heart Ranch asks for donations to build ‘critically-needed’ facilities

Mark Friedel
Staff Writer


In February 2013, volunteers at Wild Heart Ranch wildlife rehabilitation center obtained their goal of $80,000 to purchase a 40-acre expansion across the street from their current facility near Foyil. 
The Wild Heart rescue team currently is raising funds to build their main operation on the new property, which includes a domestic animal clinic and horse barn.
Director of Operations Annette Tucker said the plan is to expand the wildlife rescue to the new property with the addition of flight cages and large pre release enclosures for wildlife. 
Tucker said the first goal is to build the wildlife clinic in order to move operations from the privately-owned property to their new purchased land. 
The next phase will be to build the five-stall horse barn for the most critically starved and abandoned horses. Resources will be reserved for horses in need of urgent care.
The domestic animal expansion phase is expected to be built last, said Tucker. She said the dog and cat shelter is the most needed, but also the most expensive and labor intensive project in construction and operation. 
Volunteers are hoping for a no-kill shelter that is an affective rescue for the stray, starved hoarded and neglected, she said.
“It’s a tall order, but it can be done. A no-kill shelter solely depends on adoption turnover, resources to treat medical needs, the number of runs and cages available along with spay surgeries for people who can’t afford them or just don’t find it a priority expense,” said Tucker. 
Wild Heart Ranch volunteers receive dozens of calls every day regarding abandoned dogs and cats who need a home; however, there is no room to keep the animals at their current facility. 
In the meantime, volunteer rehabilitators suggest residents in the Rogers County area utilize the Wild Heart Ranch Domestic Network Facebook page for any rescue need of domestic animals.
The ranch currently sits on about on acre of land, and is in need of more room to shelter and attend to animals who need medical attention.
Tucker said the initial building for wildlife rescue will cost appproximately $60,000. Thus far, the organization has raised upwards of $25,000. 
The $60,000 would cover the wildlife clinic/shelter, utilities and fences for the animals. Wild Heart Ranch rehabilitators have hired Inola Portable Builders, who included a discount for the construction of the new facilities.
Donations for the new facilities should be earmarked “new facility” and can be made via PayPal at or mailed to PO Box 170,  Foyil, OK 74031.
Wild Heart Ranch is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization.
For more information, call (918) 342-9453.