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April 4, 2013

City, DA exchange court motions over police detective’s credibility



City Attorney Ballard’s latest motion claims the district attorney’s motion to overturn Judge Post’s Feb. 22 decision misstates the circumstances of Singer’s investigation of the 2011 rape case.
Ballard characterized as “misstatements”  DA Steidley’s assertion her office did not receive a copy of the accused’s video interview until shortly before the initial hearing.
Ballard said court ordered documents show Singer turned the tape over to the DA’s office 15 days prior to the hearing and that it was reviewed by an assistant district attorney 12 days in advance of the hearing.
Ballard continued: “The information leads to one of only two possible conclusions: Either the district attorney made a determination that investigator Singer’s investigation was accurate at the time charges were filed or the district attorney committed a grave ethical violation by proceeding with charges it had determined were unwarranted.”


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