Claremore Daily Progress

December 31, 2013

City Street Department workers ‘patch up’ potholes

Mark Friedel
Staff Reporter


Street department employees worked for more than four hours Friday to repair potholes following the recent freezing rain and sleet that created minimal damage to Claremore roads.
Director of Public Infrastructure Jeremy Ledbetter said street department workers operate asphalt patch trucks when they need to perform a large amount of pothole repairs. 
The truck holds about 500 tons of asphalt and include temperature-controlled beds that can heat the asphalt up to a scorching 250 degrees fahrenheit.
Ledbetter said potholes usually occur in the winter when ice accumulates in between the concrete and asphalt sections of the road. 
“If we have to, we will replace the concrete itself but if the damage is not too bad, we just patch the pothole with asphalt,” he said. 
Drivers, who notice damaged roads, are encouraged to call the City of Claremore street department. Calls are noted and are added to a schedule for repair.
“We don’t have enough workers to drive around and spot all the potholes, so we rely heavily on the public to bring them to our attention,” said Ledbetter.
To report potholes or other failures on streets within Claremore city limits, call the Public Infrastructure Department’s Street Division at 918-341-0133.
City staff is not authorized to perform maintenance or repairs on state highways inside city limits. 
State highways are maintained by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.