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May 23, 2013

Residents return to devastated homes



“I don’t want to see anymore of Moore,” he said. “Just looking at this is tough.”
Other residents felt lucky that their loved ones were able to “miraculously” avoid the tornado by a simple mistake.
Katrina Withey’s daughter, Kyla, accidentally locked herself out of their rent house on Monday. Withey said Kyla’s dad ended up picking the children up to take them back to work with him before the weather got bad.
Kyla and her little brother would have been at home when the tornado struck if Kyla hadn’t forgotten her key, Withey said.
“It seems like there’s so many things that led up to the miraculous fact that we’re alive and not injured,” she said.
Whenever they returned to their home, she also said it looked like a war zone.
“It was like an explosion just obliterated everything,” Withey said.
While they were only renting their home, Withey said she hopes if the home is rebuilt, it will be rebuilt with a storm shelter.
All of the families — Hernadez, Claxton and Withey said they plan on continuing to live in Moore. However, one family wasn’t quite so sure about where they would be living next.
Chris and Renae King said after two tornadoes, they’re not sure if they want to continue living in Moore. But, they do love it, they said.
The couple also was renting their home in the neighborhood near SE 4th Street and Bryant Avenue. Renae was persuaded by Chris and her family to leave the home and go to her mom’s house since the storm was getting bad.
After the storm she returned to check on the house immediately after.
“As I walked closer I said, ‘I think it got us. Yep, the roof is gone,” Renae said. “Then my dog went in and was smart enough to find a rawhide bone under all of the rubble.”

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