Claremore Daily Progress

October 22, 2012

Helm reveals ongoing OSBI investigation

Investigators question Helm about invoice splitting issues

Salesha Wilken

CLAREMORE — During the Rogers County Commissioner’s meeting Monday, Commissioner Mike Helm revealed that the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, OSBI is currently conducting an investigation of his financial activities.

“I met with investigators on Friday and they asked questions about Time Striping,” Helm said.

The issue was brought to light among many others possible violations by the Claremore Progress after the release of the audit report for Rogers County.

Findings by Oklahoma State Auditor Gary Jones specifically listed an invoice or bid splitting issue by Helm with the road striping company.

Helm claims that he asked for the investigation, however District Attorney Janice Steidley requested the action be taken after reviewing documents regarding the issue.

“I told Mr. Iski, [Assistant District Attorney David Iski] I have nothing to hide and I am more than happy to fulfill anything that is required by the District Attorney’s office,” Helm said.

Other examples were also documented but no formal statement regarding the investigation has been provided at this time.

Helm also did not follow state statute and bidding procedures in transactions with Maxwell Supply and CanServ.

Additionally, an issue regarding Helm’s campaign contributions from corporations by vendors of Rogers County is another possible item for investigation.

Helm also solicited funds, from his vendors with the help of assistant Robin Anderson, to pay for county parties including door prizes provided by Time Striping.

Officials with the OSBI have not provided any formal comment on the ongoing investigation.