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August 2, 2012

County employees getting more time off

CLAREMORE — Rogers County Commissioners Mike Helm and Kirt Thacker voted this week to support a measure to revise sick and vacation time for employees.

Commissioner Dan DeLozier voted against the policies he said were “wrong.”
“I feel this is wrong and, in my opinion, we don’t need to give this kind of time,” DeLozier said.
Rogers County employees will now receive three weeks of personal leave, formally noted as sick time each year. 
Employees will receive a minimum of three weeks vacation time with the possibility to earn up to five weeks according to years of service. 
“I personally believe three weeks of personal leave is excessive,” DeLozier said.
 “The reason we looked to change this is because they are not paid at the top of the pay ranges,”  said Rogers County Human Resource Director Jenny Bentley.  “We don’t have the option to pay more, so you give more time off,”
County records reflect that the average employee with Rogers County earns $2,978 monthly or $35,736 annually.
Elected officials earn $5,000 per month or $60,000 per year.
Professional jobs pay at various rates. Recent positions for the E911 director and Human Resources director were hired in at the rate of approximately $4,750 per month or $57,000 per year. 
County employees also receive paid health insurance and are eligible for state government retirement benefits.
The previous policy awarded six days of sick leave during the first year of service and 12 days each year thereafter.
Previously, the employees would only receive two weeks vacation up to 10 years of service and at that time employees would earn an additional week.
The new policy increases sick time by three days and increases the accumulation rate from 960 hours to 1,040.
Vacation time accrual was changed as employees were not allowed to carryover vacation but can now accrue up to 400 hours depending on years of service.

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