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January 16, 2014

DA Steidley seeks second term



Tommy Dunlap, who has over 20 years of law enforcement experience and is a District Attorney Investigator, was honored as Investigator of the Year for 2013 for implementing a multiple agency drug bust last year which resulted in 2.5 lbs of crystal methamphetamine being taken off the streets.
Mike Shaver, who has over 16 years of law enforcement experience, has recently joined the District Attorney’s Office. He brings extensive experience in drug investigations and investigations in overall crimes.
While being tough on crime, Steidley believes in smart prosecution. 
Prison overcrowding and early release of certain drug and non-violent offenders from Department of Corrections means that some criminal behavior cannot be dealt with in prison. 
Steidley recognized that alternative courts such as Drug and Veterans Courts are needed for some offenders and their addictions which cause criminal misconduct. Alternative courts provide offenders the education and treatment they need to address their addictions and mental health issues while still holding offenders accountable.
Steidley takes seriously a prosecutor’s responsibility to see that justice is done. Prosecutors have a legal and ethical duty to bring facts to light, including witnesses and evidence which can establish the innocence of the accused.
This legal and ethical duty has caused controversy between some members of law enforcement and the District Attorney’s office. 
“The controversies with a few members of law enforcement are unfortunate,” said Steidley. “Prosecutors are a check and balance to law enforcement and we take our legal obligations very seriously. We do what we are legally and ethically bound to do and endure the consequences, no matter how unpopular it may be with a few members of law enforcement.”
As District Attorney Steidley is dedicated to the pursuit of truth, justice, protection of the innocent, and prevention through the vigorous and professional prosecution of those who violate the law.

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