Claremore Daily Progress

January 17, 2014

E911 Center launches services

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter


The Rogers County E911 Center launched its first day of operations Thursday at the new location north of Claremore.
“The opening is a milestone for the people of Rogers County,” said Commissioner Dan DeLozier.
In 2011, voters approved a $3.25 million bond to fund the construction of the countywide facility.
“The taxpayers of Rogers County voted to build this facility and their support has provided the opportunity to bring services together under one roof,” said DeLozier.  “It is going to be a long road getting everyone on board and we will add groups to the center as we go.” 
Dispatching services for the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office, as well as Verdigris Fire and Police departments were transferred Thursday to the new facility.
“Funding the facility continues to be a work in progress as more agencies join the center. In the next few months, the center will continue to add agencies and train dispatchers to handle the increased traffic as we go,” DeLozier said.
Between the three commissioners, they will get the center fully operational, according to DeLozier.
Area agencies including Oologah Talala Emergency Medical Services, Northwest Fire Department and Foyil Fire Department have actively been working with the county to join the facility.
E911 Director Janet Hamilton has been working with the E911 Trust Authority to complete contract negotiations and finalizing agreements with the entities.
“We are working to insure the funding necessary to make the transition is in place,” DeLozier said. “The process will take time to complete. We appreciate the public’s patience and support along the way.”  
The new facility includes five workstations, allowing for expansion as the center reaches it’s full capacity.
The building is a secure facility closed to tours in an effort to keep the personal information of callers confidential. Dispatchers will handle complex issues including medical emergencies, DeLozier said.
They have received extensive training to serve as an aide to first responders. This is a new service adding a level of safety to our community, DeLozier said.
Although security is important the county will host an open house in the coming months, according to Hamilton.
It is important for the taxpayers to see what their support has accomplished, according to Hamilton.
Because security is important management is working with state regulatory agencies to arrange the event, according to Hamilton.