Claremore Daily Progress

January 23, 2014

State grand jury resumes hearing Rogers County case

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter


The state multicounty grand jury charged with investigating accusations of misconduct by Rogers County officials reconvened Tuesday for a three-day session in Oklahoma City.
Because the grand jury’s proceedings are secret, it was not known who was called to testify in the months-long dispute that’s pitted the district attorney’s office and county commissioners against local law enforcement officials.
Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt directed the multicounty grand jury to investigate “multiple allegations of wrongdoing by public officials and others in Rogers County” three months ago. 
He acted after a petition drive for a local grand jury investigation was rejected by a Tulsa judge because more than 7,000 voter signatures were obtained on unauthorized forms.
The multicounty grand jury meets regularly to consider accusations of criminal activity and official misconduct in Oklahoma. It last met in December, and is scheduled to meet again Feb. 4-5 after this week’s session.  There has been no indication when the grand jury will return a finding in the Rogers County investigation. 
District Judge Barbara G. Swinton presides over the closed door proceedings.  Assistant Attorney General Megan Tilly represents the state. Targets of a grand jury inquiry are usually subpoenaed to testify.