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July 18, 2012

Claremore opts out of E911 center

Chief Brown cites inconsistent actions by commissioners

CLAREMORE — Claremore city councilors voted Monday to move forward with the city’s E911 technology advancement and to eliminate their involvement in the Rogers County E-911 center.

After much discussion and a 5-2 split decision, the council decided that the direction the county is currently going is very different from the goals of the city.
Police Chief Stan Brown presented information including a timeline of events to the council. After the discussion, Councilor Bill Flanagan proposed a 30-day extension to give the county one more opportunity to work with the city. This suggestion was heard, but the council moved to vote on the issue as it stood.
Councilor Thomas Cypert made the motion to exit the city’s involvement in the regional center and move forward with the city’s technology improvements. Councilor Don Purkey seconded the motion.
Councilors Paula Watson, Buddy Robertson, Mayor Mickey Perry, Cypert and Purkey supported the motion.
Councilors Mark Lepak and Flanagan voted against the motion.
Brandon Smith and Terry Willis were not present at the meeting.
“My purpose for being here today is to ask you to allow us to move forward separate and independent from the E-911 center,” Chief Brown said.
Commissioners are now preparing to break ground on the center. 
“The commissioners need to know where what our level of participation is additionally there are numerous technology projects the city wants to move forward with,” Brown said.
He presented a timeline of planning events for the center backed by the commissioner’s agenda items.
The document uses the words trust or governance numerous times, according to Brown.
The issue has been discussed a number of times, but despite discussions the decision to form a trust has been changed.
“Regional 911 concept is a good idea in concept in theory, however it has to be governed and managed correctly to see all the advantages,” Brown said.

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