Claremore Daily Progress

March 26, 2013

Courthouse remains to go up for auction

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter

CLAREMORE — Rogers County Commissioners began discussions Monday to host a public auction prior to the demolition of the old courthouse building.

“We are at the point that we need to start looking at what we are going to do about how we are going to tear it down,” Commissioner Dan DeLozier said. “We need to look at auctioning all the items that are left.”
Are we going to hire someone to bring it down, DeLozier asked.
“I suggest we bid the demolition and compare what it would cost for us to do it,” Commissioner Kirt Thacker said. 
There may be companies that want to include materials from the building in the bid, he added.  The board has requested that DeLozier contact area companies to determine what services are currently available.
Commissioners Mike Helm and Thacker briefly discussed the option to hold an auction with Alan Carter, county employee and auctioneer.
An auction would benefit Rogers County and everything from ceiling tiles, doors to the wiring in the walls could be included.
Mayes County had a similar auction after the construction of their new building, according to Judge Erin O’Quinn.
“You would not believe what people bought,” O’Quinn said.
In Mayes County the individuals purchasing the items were responsible for removal. The board discussed the possibility of liability issues and the need for participants to sign waivers.
It was determined that further discussion would be needed and the item was continued to the next meeting on April 1. The board plans to pursue the option of having a public auction, requesting Carter contact area auctioneers for more information.