Claremore Daily Progress

November 11, 2012

Water tower leak may slow pressure

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter


Residents near Keetonville Hill may be experiencing low water pressure as Rural Water District 3 struggles with a leaking water tower.
“We have discovered a leak on the Keetonville tower that we must repair as soon as possible,” according to officials. 
The tower will be partially drained to eliminate water from being lost to the hole located near the neck of the tower.
Officials report that the area may have low water pressure but outages should be limited and officials currently do not expect them to occur.
Crews will be working to change to a pump-only system so the tower can be repaired.
As of Monday the Keetonville tower is to be drained by customer usage. Once the tower is emptied, RWD3 will revert to pressure mode and Keetonville customers will experience a drop in water pressure.
The area that will likely be affected will be most everything north of 106th St N in the RWD 3, Rogers County District, which is most of the area on top of Keetonville Hill.  
It will take a couple of days to finish the repairs.
“We realize this situation will be a tremendous inconvenience for the customers residing in this area.  We want to apologize and thank you for your patience,” the RWD 3 web site said.
More information and updates are available on the website or on Facebook.