Claremore Daily Progress

January 17, 2013

LOST AND FOUND: Sheriff seeks owner of pot

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter

CLAREMORE — A mysterious bag of marijuana is causing the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office to take a different approach.

Deputies were called to a driveway near 4090 Road in Oologah after a man discovered an Atwoods shopping bag full of marijuana.
The man called the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office immediately and deputies responded to the scene, according to Deputy Jerry Smittle.
“After reviewing the evidence it was determined that reaching out to the public would be key to finding a suspect,” Smittle said.
The amount of marijuana that was found appears to be related to a marijuana growing operation, Smittle added.
“It is important that anyone that may have information about the marijuana come forward,” Smittle said. “People can call our tipline and remain anonymous.”
The Sheriff’s Office has reached out to social media sites including Facebook to bring attention to the matter.
“We hope that we can reach a larger audience and hopefully get someone to come forward.” Smittle said. 
Although, it might appear the deputies are taking a lighter approach by using social media, the issue is very serious.
The Sheriff’s Office is prepared to take action against any suspect that is trafficking illegal drugs, according to Smittle.
To help detectives anyone that has information about the marijuana can contact the Rogers County Sheriff’s Tipline at (918) 341-3620.