Claremore Daily Progress

January 29, 2013

Former WRJH teacher’s case dismissed after public intox arrest

Mark Friedel
Staff Reporter

CLAREMORE — After her arrest for public intoxication last May, former Will Rogers Junior High teacher Sherri Lea Fernandez’s case has been dismissed with costs, according to Oklahoma State Court records.

The motion was made to dismiss the case last week after she was originally charged in municipal court with a criminal misdemeanor.

“With these types of cases the judge usually issues a fine with possible jail time if the defendant can’t pay,” said Claremore Police Chief Stan Brown.

Fernandez, 44, was arrested and booked after she was found to be intoxicated by a security guard at school.

According to police reports Fernandez had taken prescription medication several hours before and was unsteady on her feet and slurring her words during initial contact with security guard.