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June 26, 2014

Thacker’s post-election reaction

Commissioner ends Catoosa/Inola trash dump services


Rogers County District 3 Commissioner Kirt Thacker is closing trash and brush collection services at the Catoosa and Inola yards.
The services will be discontinued as soon as the current dumpsters are full.
“It is just extra work we don’t need to be doing right now,” Thacker said. “If the people thought I was doing a good job, they would have re-elected me. So I have to believe the opposite is true. So we are just not going to do it. It is not a requirement of the job and so we are just going to shut it down and not spend the money.”
The program provided the opportunity for residents inside Rogers County District 3 to bring brush, branches and large waste items — including old furniture to the county yard for disposal.
Dumping of trash and other items along county roads has been a problem. The county commissioners have each implemented programs in their district to address the issue in recent years.
“I am not going to do anything that will hurt the county,” Thacker said. “… I am going to try and leave as much money for the next commissioner as I can.”
Catoosa area resident B. Hammontree is concerned about the change in the program.
“When they put the dumpsters in Catoosa, trash dumping on county roads in the rural areas north of the public dumping site decreased tremendously,” said Hammontree. “I am concerned. If the public dump site is closed,  the rural area could see an increase in illegal dumping.”
Hammontree believes the public service is less taxing on county resources, because the county workers do not need to come out and pick up the trash left on the roads.
The Catoosa site is located on a busy public street. It made the program highly visible encouraging people to use the facility, Hammontree said.

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