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August 15, 2012

Spitting and Hitting: Bar fight leads to arrest of three men

COLLINSVILLE — Tulsa County Sheriff’s deputies this week arrested an Owasso resident and two Collinsville men following a bar fight which sent two of them to a local hospital, according to reports.

Trevor Levi Cary, 26, and Richard James Brown, 31, both of Collinsville, and Tommy Vernon Butts, 42, of Owasso, were arrested Aug. 12 and Aug. 13, respectively, on assault charges stemming from an incident outside a Collinsville bar.
According to arrest and jail reports, early Sunday,  Butts allegedly spit on a woman outside the Jack of Clubs, after which, he began to get “beaten up” by the woman’s husband. 
Reports did not specify if the female was the wife of Cary or Brown.
After “knocking Butts to the ground repeatedly,” the woman’s husband then placed Butts in his (Butts’) pickup truck, throwing his keys at him, reports indicate. 
Butts then started up his truck and drove it forward, into the husband, pinning him between Butts’ pickup and a second vehicle, reports indicate.
A second man then climbed into Butts’ vehicle with him,  reports do not indicate whether the second man was Cary or Brown. He pulled him from the vehicle and threw him on the ground. He began to “violently jump on him (Butts), hitting and kicking him” with such force that he was rendered unconscious, according to reports.
Both Butts and the husband were taken to a Tulsa hospital, where they were treated for their injuries and released.
After interviewing witnesses, Tulsa County deputies arrested Butts and booked him into the Tulsa County jail on a complaint of assault and battery with a deadly weapon.
He was later released after posting a $25,000 bond.
The other two men involved in the fight, Cary and Brown, were arrested the following day and also arrested and booked into Tulsa County Jail on complaints of aggravated assault & battery. 
Both men posted bond and were later released from jail. The relationship, if any, between Cary and Brown is unknown.

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