Claremore Daily Progress

July 19, 2013

E911 trustees elect DeLozier chairman

Mark Friedel
Staff Reporter


Rogers County’s newly-formed E911 Trust Authority gathered Thursday for a special meeting to elect a Trustee Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, as well as, discuss other related items. 
Authority members formed Monday when Rogers County Commissioners and trustees signed the indenture documents. 
Rogers County Commissioner Dan Delozier was elected chairman, Rogers County Clerk Robin Anderson was elected secretary and E911 Administrator Janet Hamilton was elected assistant secretary, all by a vote of 5-0.  
Details as to who will be appointed treasurer will be discussed before the regular meeting scheduled for Aug. 1, said Delozier. 
Attorney James C. Orbison was employed as legal representation for the trustees and will properly operate the business of the trust. 
Request for proposals for dispatch furniture and protocols were also discussed and approved Thursday. Funding for these items and dispatchers themselves have not yet been determined, said Orbison.
“We currently have funds in the 911 account, additional funding may need to be received from the county, but we really don’t know what we’re going to do yet,” said Delozier. 
He said the county may be able to lease current dispatchers to the trust authority and contracts would be given by the trust. For the next meeting, trustees plan to create a proposed contract for Rogers County cites who will use the E911 dispatch. Participating towns and cities will need to pay a fee as agreed upon by the proposed contract, said Orbison.
“Our vision for the (trust authority) from the very beginning was if we got everybody on board, we would be able to save money. It wouldn’t cost cities more than it does now and the biggest thing we were hoping for was to reduce the costs,” said Delozier. “Either way we’re going to make the best of this and it will work.” 
If the E911 Trust Authority does not have the needed funding to function, then the trust could increase fees for service to increase revenue. 
The towns of Oologah, Talala, Chelsea and smaller fire districts have joined the trust and trustees are in the process of getting Inola and Verdigris on board as well. Financial concerns for the trust authority will be discussed during the next regular meeting on Aug. 1.