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February 20, 2014

2 officers fight fires with unconventional tools

CLAREMORE — Two local law enforcement officers stepped out of their routine this week to save several homes from a fire in Tiawah.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Officer Russell Cissne and Rogers County Deputy Sheriff Paul Tucker teamed up to fight the fire with a garden hose until Cissne commandeered a fire truck.

Cissne first discovered the fire while driving on Highway 88 and knew it could spread quickly given the drought conditions and high wind.

After getting horses out of a corral and moving them to safety, Cissne  called for help. Soon after Tucker and his partner showed up.

Cissne, a former volunteer firemen, knew timing was critical and soon discovered heavy equipment would be needed to fight the blaze.

“I wanted to be a policeman, not a fireman, so it was a different experience for me. I’m not trained in that type of stuff, but I knew I had to do something,” Tucker said.

Tucker used a garden hose to slow down flames heading toward diesel tanks and a barn; but, there wasn’t much water pressure.

“There wasn’t any stopping it with a garden hose, that’s for sure,” said Cissne.

He knew it would be a while before volunteer firefighters could arrive since it was the middle of the afternoon and most were at work.

Cissne quickly left the scene and went straight to the Tiawah fire station a mile down the road.

He broke into the station, where he volunteered for five years, and took a grass rig.

A volunteer arrived at that time and assisted Cissne.

“I turned around and I looked and saw a fire truck coming up the road, and I saw Trooper Cissne driving it, and I just didn’t know what to think, I was kind of in awe,” Tucker said.

“We all worked together, and saved some property so it was a good day,” Cissne said.

Tucker had to be treated for smoke inhalation at Hillcrest Hospital in Claremore.

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