Claremore Daily Progress

June 17, 2013

Oh, the places he’s been!

Globetrotting youth returns to Claremore for Father’s Day

Tom Fink
Staff Reporter


For the past few years, Claremore youth Joseph Hutson has been living a life Dr. Suess could have only imagined when writing “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”
Since moving to Dubai in early 2012, Hutson has busied himself professionally with work on various projects for the Crown Prince of Dubai, Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum. 
His budding career as an auteur-in-the-making has taken him around the country and around the globe — to see the windmills of Holland, beneath the Pacific Ocean to film sharks, on safari in the African veldt and beyond.
But for Father’s Day, there was no place Hutson wanted to be more than home with his father, James Hutson.
“I’ve been in town (Claremore) for about two weeks — I asked for time to come back to America so that I could join my family for a conference at our church, Destiny Life Church — that was foremost, but I also wanted to be here long enough to spend time with my dad on Father’s Day,” Hutson said. 
Since being back in Claremore, Hutson has said he’s enjoyed the opportunity to be “doing” less and “being” more, especially in getting to spend time with friends and family.
“It’s really been a joy be back home,” he said, smiling. “Too often in our lives, we’re so busy with our careers and our projects and what we want to get done, we just go full-speed ahead, not slowing down long enough to appreciate what we’re doing or enjoy the results of our hard work.
“Spending time to ‘be’ and not just ‘do’ really helps you to put things in perspective,” he said. 
While such sentiments may sound oddly sagelike coming from a 22-year-old, Hutson has had more than his share of “living” since picking up his camera and moving to Dubai.
“It’s been tremendous — really, there just aren’t words to express how incredible this (experience) has been for me,” he said. “Even now, I look at some of the things I’ve done just in the past year and can’t believe a small town kid from Oklahoma would have the opportunities and experiences that I’ve had.”
Probably Hutson’s biggest “wow” moment, he said, was when he went on a safari in Tanzania, Africa.
“That (safari) was my most exciting adventure,” he said. “About 20 other people and I were in these patrols, blazing through a serengeti reserve in Tanzania, and we’d pull over to take pictures of the various animals — zebras, wildabeests, giraffes, lions — I think I got about 20 feet away from the lions at one point when I was taking pictures. 
“At one point, I just stopped and thought to myself ‘How did a kid from Claremore, Oklahoma get here?’” he said. “It was an amazing experience.”
Whether he’s filming something or taking photographs, Hutson’s typical weapon of choice is a cutting-edge camera called “the RED” — a camera which captures images in greater clarity than anything else available.
“The movies ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘Great Gatsby’ were shot with RED cameras,” he said. “It (the camera) creates an almost hyper-realistic look to things. You really have to see it to believe it.”
Hyper-realistic. The same could be said of Hutson’s time in Dubai. 
Among Hutson’s other adventures have been scuba diving to shoot bull sharks off the coast of Fiji (”I didn’t know how to scuba dive, but when the crown prince asked me if I could, I just told him ‘Not yet’ and got started learning right away,” he said), hanging out with artist Usher who was in Dubai to do a segment for the program “Skydive Dubai” and of course, going skydiving himself.
“I’m extremely fortunate that His Highness values photography so highly — he understands its importance and even hosts the world’s biggest photography contest, with almost $400,000 in prize money,” he said. “Anyone can find out more about it at”
After his return to Dubai, Hutson said he has another project lined up in Amsterdam in July, but for now, he’s appreciating the familiarity of his hometown and the company of his family.
“I’ve learned a lot, living in Dubai. It’s been an eye-opener for me living in a country which has a kingdom as opposed to our government, but I’ve learned it’s really not a bad thing at all,” he said. “It reminds me of God’s kingdom and how God is our ultimate king.”
And, appropriate for Father’s Day, our Heavenly Father, he said.
“My parents have always loved us kids and supported us,” he said. “Even before I started my ‘adventures’ in Dubai, my dad was proud of me. He’s proud of all his kids, just like a father should be.”