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June 20, 2013

RSU alumnus, faculty member brings online community idea to life


Rogers State University alumnus Brandon Irby will soon launch 20u, an online community and “go-to source of actionable advice” for twenty-something year olds.
Irby said he best describes 20u as a “Weight Watchers for millennial holistic health.” Currently in the works, the online program is set up to encourage participants to build their own ideal lifestyle by forming powerful habits and building meaningful relationships with others.  
Members will receive a new activity each week that will take the most legitimate research from leading organizations, turning it into relatable advice to be used in action, he said. A “soft launch” of the 20u kickstarter campaign will take place in August. 
His introduction video describing the idea behind 20u, touches on relevant articles he found when searching to see if there were similar ideas to what he had in mind for the project.
“Every article that popped up was either opinion or editorial,” said Irby. “They were talking at us not with us. There was no form online to live a practical life (while) holding each other accountable.”
A few weeks ago, Irby had a realization driving back from Tulsa.
“I thought 10 years ago I was 15 and in another five years I’ll be 30. In our culture that’s a huge mile mark,” he said. “There’s this opportunity here, and I thought what can I do with these five years, so that I’m not wasting them.” 
Irby said he took an unconventional route through school. He graduated from Owasso High School and began his own photography business, which he pursued for six years.   
“I never thought that education would line up with my aspirations, but Iittle did I know I was wrong.”
Irby came across RSU as a means to an end. He though he would spend a semester on the hill and then transfer somewhere else. 

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