Claremore Daily Progress

June 21, 2013

Naked sunbather reveals bigger issue

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter


Rogers County deputies arrested Robert Brown, 28, Claremore, Monday after a report cited he was sunbathing naked in his yard.
Brown had allegedly been smoking synthetic marijuana K2 and reported to have a history of mental illness.
Area residents reported Brown had a history of strange behavior. He would knock on windows in the middle of the night and get into their cars, according to the report.
Deputies arrived on the scene and made contact with Brown, finding him in his bedroom naked with several knives and a gun.
The officers made contact with Brown, who resisted arrest.
The suspect was transported to the hospital for medical review. However, he did not meet the criteria for an emergency detention order.
Deputies transport suspects for mental health treatment when they believe there is a need for treatment, according to Rogers County Undersheriff John Sappington.
“If we are dealing with someone that is mentally ill, we are looking to determine if they are a danger to themselves or someone else,” said Sappington.
If an institution decides a suspect does not qualify for emergency treatment, then a suspect can be released if no charges are pending, he added.
The suspect’s mother reported that she had requested mental health assistance, but was unable to get “anyone to help.”
Hospital staff noted Brown had been treated recently for K2 use, but ultimately it is a doctor’s decision if further treatment is needed, according to Sappington.
Brown was then transported to the Rogers County Jail where he was booked in for indecent exposure and resisting arrest.
 Deputies have been to Brown’s residence four times in the past month, but he has not been admitted so far for treatment.
The Rogers County Jail is currently seeking a mental evaluation for Brown during his incarceration.