Claremore Daily Progress

December 20, 2013

Share the Spirit reaches its $24K goal

Rebecca Hattaway
Staff Reporter


(Editor’s Note: The names have been changed, but the story is real.)
Share the Spirit has reached its $24,000 goal. 
Late Thursday, a large donation came in memory of Mickey Perry, putting the needed funds over the top.
Volunteers will distribute the food baskets to hundreds of Rogers County residents today,  like Sandra.
On Dec. 23, 2012 Sandra’s oldest son, Tyler, was involved in a serious horse accident. 
Tyler, who was 17 at the time, was hospitalized for nearly a year, before finally being released just last week on Dec. 10.
In Sandra’s own words:
“Tyler lost his only kidney in the accident, and because of a torn aorta, had to have both his legs amputated above the knees. He is now on home dialysis, CHF and damage to his lungs. He has bed sores, causing him to be in a special bed and to be transported in a special way. This is why I am writing. My family is in need of a wheelchair accessible van so I can transport my son to and from appointments. My son had to come home in an ambulance and will have to be transported that way until I come up with a van. My son and my family have had a rough year and this worry of how I will get my son around would be lifted if we had transportation. My son is my hero, and I wanted your paper to know a little of his story. God Bless.”
Sandra and her family are dealing with circumstances and decisions that many of us will never face.
The simple blessing of a Christmas dinner basket will bring a little joy amid the pain. A reprieve — if only for a day.
Your generous gifts to Share the Spirit have made it possible.
Recent contributors include Billie L. Heiligman, FBC staff in honor of Mickey Perry, Curtis and Barbara Owens, James H. and Kathryn E. Thomas, Patty Sue Reeder in memory of Dorothy Washom, Robert L. Kays, Vann Metal Products, Inc., First Christian Church, Bob’s Printing, Susan Krackov in memory of Mickey Perry, Lelia Humphrey and Sharon K. Malcom, Marcella C. Brasel, Arden W. Sanderson and Carolyn Comfort, Mary Charlene Harrell, Ed Whisler Jr. and Sherry V. Whisler, Lori J. and William F. McCarthy, Church of Saint Cecilia, Vivian A. Hagood, Perry E. and Peggy McGehee, Lora E. Miller, M.J. Quinton and The Chelsea Municipal Authority.