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September 6, 2012

Mobile tech approved for CPD

OWASSO — Claremore City councilors reviewed a light agenda Tuesday evening following Labor Day and discussions were limited though all members of the council were in attendance.

Consent items were approved for the city, including a measure for the Claremore Police Department to purchase $460,000 in mobile technology for police vehicles.
The technology improvement project has reached an on-hand funding point, which allows the department to move forward in a proactive manner, according to Chief of Police Stan Brown.
This project will provide the most recent technology developments to the city’s police, fire and ambulance dispatch and records management.
Brown submitted documentation to the council that outlined the funding for the project.
The documents state that the “build up of funds has been accomplished through a prudent reservation of E911 revenue over the period of the last six years.”
The rapidly evolving technology requires us to actively seek out the most fitting technology for the project for current and future needs, according to Brown.
This funding source is the same that would be used by the county, if the city had decided to join the new E911 center.
Currently, the city and county split revenues generated from taxes that the state has placed on both cellular and land lines.
Claremore decided to opt out of the county’s center approximately one month ago, after leaders voiced concerns about the county’s E911 advisory board.
Last week, the Rogers County Fire Chiefs’ Association also opted out of the center for the same reason.
Rogers County commissioners are expected to review the advisory board option within the next two weeks to determine if a trust authority needs to be created for the center.
Claremore Police Department would be surrendering their E911 funds if they were to join the center in the future. 
The $460,000 mobile technology project is just one example of the type of improvements the city would have to fund if they were to join the center.

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