Claremore Daily Progress

September 6, 2013

CPD, CPS partner to hire new SRO

Mark Friedel
Staff Reporter

CLAREMORE — Through a partnership with the Claremore Police Department, the Claremore Board of Education has hired an additional school resource officer for Claremore Public Schools.

Claremore Police Officer James Sutton will provide a “strong” emphasis in school security while working alongside current resource officer Robin Blair, said Claremore Superintendent Mike McClaren.

The position was filled after a memorandum of understanding was approved between the city and board of education in August. Sutton was a full-time patrol officer for the Claremore police force before being hired as the new CPS resource officer.

McClaren said the school district was not charged for services provided by Blair; however, the district is responsible for additional resource officers’ salaries.

“We basically get two for one. As spread out as we are now with the addition of Catalayah (Elementary), we were in need of another valuable full-time officer,” he said. “Blair outlined and vetted (Sutton’s) duties, allowing both officers to work routinely with school personnel. If one of them is working on a special case, the other will be able to continue providing securtiy for the remaining schools.”

Blair and Sutton will also work in rotation for the district during the summer while working with CPD.

“There are no regulations on how many resource officers a district should have, but we do want to make sure we maintain security and a positive learning environment for students,” said McClaren. “Sutton will make a great addition to our staff.”