Claremore Daily Progress

May 7, 2013

Man rescued from running vehicle

Mark Friedel
Staff Reporter


Claremore police officers and firefighters rescued a man pinned underneath a running vehicle at the Claremore Mobile Home Park.
Dispatchers received a call at 5 a.m. regarding a troubled resient yelling for help, according to police reports.
“The reporting person told dispatch she could not see the male subject even though she could still hear him pleading for help,” said Claremore Police Lieutenant Steve Cox. “Officers Doug Woodward, Jason Cummings, Donald Thirion, Vicky Burton and I arrived at the mobile home park and immediately located a person pinned underneath a vehicle. We then had dispatch send Claremore Fire and Pafford EMS.”
Cox said the man was complaining of neck pain and was struggling to breathe. Officers determined the man’s shirt was restricting air flow.
“We quickly cut the male subject’s shirt which greatly improved his breathing, but we were then hesitant to move him from under the vehicle because of possible neck injury,” said Cox. 
Officers then lifted the vehicle off the male subject and held it off of him until Claremore firefighters arrived on scene, he said. 
Claremore firefighters braced the man’s neck and pulled him from the vehicle to be transported to the hospital by Pafford EMS.
According to information from the dispatch detail report, the total time from initial call to time cleared was 24 minutes.
Cox said firefighers were greatly appreciative of the steps taken before they arrived, aiding them in quickly removing the male subject and placing him on a backboard for transport.
“Responding officers and personnel did a great job,” said Claremore Police Chief Stan Brown. “Each should be commended for their quick decision making and heroic action in caring for the injured person.”
According to information from Claremore Fire, the injured man appeared to be “OK” as Pafford EMS took over.
Officials said it was unknown as to how the man became pinned under the vehicle.
In an email sent to the officers involved, Brown said
“I must say, first of all, that I am not surprised by your actions. I think all of you have always presented yourselves as capable and able to perform under extreme stress and at potential risk to yourself. This scenario only reinforces my opinion of you in that regard. 
“Secondly, I am pleased, as most assuredly the victim is, that you demonstrated initiative and innovation in your measures to clear the victim’s airway and to ensure that he was not subjected to further injury and the very real possibility of death. I appreciate each of you in this event and also in your continued professional service to your department and the citizens of our city.”