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March 19, 2014

Robertson seeks 2nd District Congressional seat

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Editor’s Note: The Claremore Daily Progress provides candidates an opportunity to announce their candidacy for office by a news release.
Darrel Robertson officially kicked off his campaign to represent Oklahoma’s Second Congressional District in Grove on Wednesday.
The local businessman and rancher who has earned notoriety for his prowess as a professional bass fisherman made the announcement after touring the district.
“The message I continue to get from people across the district is that there is a real need for a change in Washington,” said Robertson. “Currently, we have a group of professional politicians up there that are not representing the needs and interests of hard working Americans.”
A believer in term limits, the bass fishing champion was adamant that he has no interest in becoming a permanent fixture in Washington.
“I am running for Congress because I am passionate about the kind of future we are leaving our children and grandchildren,” Robertson said. 
“My family is my life, and Oklahomans across the district are looking down the road and seeing a future that will deny their loved ones the opportunity to succeed that Americans have long enjoyed. I am going to Washington to make the tough decisions needed to get this country back on track, get the job done, and return home for good to Oklahoma.”
Robertson is considered to be a formidable opponent against incumbent Congressman Markwayne Mullin, who, with a 62% rating from Heritage Action, is considered to be to the left of most congressional Republicans and is among the lowest rated representatives from Oklahoma.  
Mullin is criticized by the conservative organization for failing to support entitlement reform, protecting the sugar industry from competitive pricing, and backing the pork-laden Food Stamp and Farm Bill.
“Across the country, and, unfortunately right here in the Second District, we have not been getting the representation we deserve. Markwayne is a nice guy, but his tenure in Washington has been more focused on supporting special interests than fighting for the future of Oklahomans and their children.”
With his campaign now underway, Robertson has launched his website, and will begin an aggressive campaign schedule to discuss his plan for fighting for the conservative values and principles of the Second Congressional District.