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April 29, 2014

Exascale Power coming to MidAmerican Industrial Park



The supercomputer is said to have the ability to run 10^18 operations per second, as opposed to home computers which can handle 10^10 operations per second. Researchers say this level of computing is thought to be the same power as a human brain at neural level.
After suffering a heart attack before his 45th birthday, Fitzpatrick said he felt a drive to focus his career aspirations, and to put them on the fast track.
“That’s why this project is moving so quickly. And that’s why the secondary function of Exascale Power, after global trade, is medical research. I want it all to happen, and I want it today,” said Fitzpatrick.
He said the community can expect to see physical changes on the property as soon as escrow closes. That, Fitzpatrick said, will be immediately followed by the hiring of employees.
“We’re already taking applications. Given the scope of this facility, we are hiring positions from a broad spectrum, including ground keepers, maintenance and security,” said Fitzpatrick. “When it comes to security, things will be very tight as this will be the only center of it’s kind in the world.
Thursday, Fitzpatrick submitted a letter to the chief executive oficer and chairman of Intel Corporation. The letter, Fitzpatrick said, “is a preliminary communication before a formal tender offer to exchange some shares of Exascale Power Co, for all of Intel Corporation shares of common stock.
Friday, Fitzpatrick said “Intel is considering the offer. OOWA/MAIP agreed to a 30 day extension on escrow.
“After we see what happens we’ll either move forward with enthusiasm and excitement or we’ll go back to life as it was before,” said Allison.

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