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June 25, 2012

Budget issues raise funding concerns

Commissioners to meet Thursday to address cuts to pay for E911 center


Budget cuts are expected as the Rogers County commissioners will meet Thursday to determine which areas will be cut to pay for funding for the E911 center.
Currently, the funding for the center is to be taken from the 911 fees collected by the county;, however this funding alone will not be enough to pay for the anticipated cost.
The commissioners met Monday and decided to postpone budget discussion after discussing the issue and questions regarding the proposed budget for the Rogers County Sheriff’s Officer were presented.
According to the commissioners, a reasonable discussion could not take place without all the department heads present to explain their proposed budgets.
One of the issues dealt with the funding needed for additional dispatchers to run the new E911 center after it opens.
Currently, the sheriff’s office pays for dispatching services out of multiple funds. The general fund is the only account that the commissioners can use to pay for those same positions at the new center.
The sheriff’s office will continue to receive the funding from other accounts including those derived from civil fees. 
This fund will be allocated to pay for other costs associated with the operation of the Sheriff’s Office.
This is just one issue as the commissioners recently created a human resource department that will also need funding.
As a result of the new positions and departments,  funding will be cut or reallocated from other departments to pay for the new departments.
It is unclear as to where the funding will be pulled from at this time.
The public meeting will be at 1 p.m. on Thursday in the commissioner’s meeting room at the courthouse.
Commissioners approved a measure to partially fund county operations to provide more time for the budget discussions.
Normally, county governments and municipalities are required by law to submit their annual budget by the first of July.

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