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July 20, 2012

It’s A Blazing Heat

100 degree temperatures prompt health warnings

CLAREMORE — With temperature in the 100s the past few weeks, dehydration, heat exaustion and heat stroke are all becoming concerning issues.  

Since June 1, several individuals have been treated at Hillcrest-Claremore’s emergency room with heat-related illnesses, according to hospital officials.
The summer of 2012 is one of the hottest summers in the past 60 years,  according to
Steven A. Root, Certified Consulting Meteorologist and President and CEO of WeatherBank, Inc. has been examining hourly and daily temperatures in 59 cities for over 60 years. He said the summer of 2012 is on pace to finish third hottest on the list of 62 summers since 1950, but is still in the running for number one or two on the list.
Take Precautions
With more summer days ahead it is important to know how to handle being out in the immense heat.  
Anyone having to work or exercise outdoors should remember to stay cool and well hydrated to replenish the water and salt lost through sweat.
Young children (five and under) and older adults (65 and over) are more susceptible to the heat’s harmfulness and should take extra precaution.  
Athletes should drink two to four glasses of water every hour and rest often to prevent dehydration. 
Be Aware of Symptons 
Symptoms of both heat exaustion and stroke range from mild to severe.  Mild symptoms include cramping, fainting and exaustion. Even without these warning symptoms, heat stroke can still be developed.  In severe cases it can include nausea, seizures, confusion, disorientation and sometimes loss of conciousness or coma. If this occurs, call 911 immediately and apply ice packs to the neck, back and arm pits. Immersing the person in a cool bath with ice works well.  If heat stroke is developed, talk to a doctor before resuming any normal activity. Prevention is the best defense against extreme temperatures.  
A heat advisory is in affect today with temperatures staying in the 100s through the weekend.

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