Claremore Daily Progress

June 19, 2013

City budget approved with utility rate hikes

Residents to see $16 increase, businesses $30 monthly

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter


The Claremore City Council approved the 2013-14 budget including utility rate increases for water, trash and sewer services.
The average homeowner will see an increase of approximately $16 a month, and business owners should expect about a $30 monthly increase. 
Fees are directly related to water usage for both residential and commercial properties.
The increase in fees will be used to fund aging infrastructure, including the city’s water treatment facilities.
“We are not going to be compliant with DEQ regulations in the future,” said Claremore City Manager Jim Thomas.
The fee increase will provide enough revenue to make bond payments on the approximately $40 million in necessary upgrades, he added.
The total increase will be less than many county residents pay for trash services alone, according to city staff.
Additionally, the rates are comparable to others area municipalities, city staff reports. Water rates have not been  increased since 2010.
Sewer and trash rates have not been increased for approximately 10 years, according to Thomas.