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April 8, 2014

Man uncovers mortar shell at Rogers State


A mortar round found on campus at Rogers State University Saturday morning was determined to be only a harmless “practice round,” according to Claremore police.
“Early Saturday morning, Klayton Childress was using his metal detector in the nature reserve at Rogers State University, when he came across an old 80 mm mortar round,” said Charles Downum, assistant chief, Claremore Police Department. “Mr. Childers told us he thought he saw the ‘fin’ first then uncovered the rest of the mortar and took it home.
“He later thought that it could still be active, so he called us, after which, we contacted the Tulsa Police Department’s bomb squad, who took possession of it and later told us it was inactive — just a ‘training mortar’,” he said. “Back when Rogers State (University) was OMA (Oklahoma Military Academy), it wasn’t uncommon for dead mortar shells to be dropped on campus for training exercises.
“Even knowing this, it’s always better if someone has any doubt about whether or not an item — especially an item which has the potential to explode or otherwise be dangerous — to call the police,” he said. “If you find something you have any doubts about, always contact the authorities — don’t risk getting injured. It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

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