Claremore Daily Progress

January 23, 2013

Patronage Drive concert introduces chairs for upcoming symphony ball

Mark Friedel
Staff Reporter

CLAREMORE — Tulsa Symphony’s Brass Quintet and string quintet performed musical pieces from Mozart, Bach and more Saturday evening during the Claremore Symphony League’s Patronage Drive at Rogers State University’s Will Rogers Auditorium. 

The concert was held through a partnership with the Tulsa Symphony League and provided an opportunity for patrons to pay their renewal as well as meet the honorary chairpersons for the annual Symphony League Ball. 
Following the performances, patrons enjoyed a meet and greet with wine and cheese tasting in RSU’s Baird Hall Foundations art gallery.
“Part of the funds raised from last year’s ball went towards bringing this concert to our patrons and students,” said CSL Vice President Stephani Freeman. “WIthout our patronage we wouldn’t be able to put on these special events.”
The Symphony League Ball is scheduled for March 2 in the RSU Centennial Center.  Honorary chairpersons for this year are Ron and Gwen Liebl of Claremore.
“Ron and Gwen have lived in Claremore for more than 40 years and are great supporters of the community,” said Freeman. “They never look for recognition or credit in anything that they do.”
During Saturday’s concert, founding member/former board member Lonnie Liggitt spoke about how the organization began five years ago.
Liggitt said the idea came up while discussing music and education with Frank Robson at the grand opening of the new performing arts center.
“With all of the wonderful country acts out of Oklahoma, Claremore would seem like the last place to start a symphony league,” he said. “I knew the Claremore school system was one of the best in the state and I saw passion in the arts from the construction of the new PAC.”
At the time, Liggitt saw progress in the Tulsa Symphony League and wanted to bring a similar organization to Claremore. Liggitt along with others in the community raised more than $20,000 in three months and the Claremore Symphony League was formed.