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February 13, 2013

Hello, is anyone there?

City’s automated phone system complete on Friday

CLAREMORE — When citizens call the City of Claremore on Friday, they will  no longer get a real person. They will have to navigate a series of prompts provided by a new automated telephone system.

The system goes live at 11 a.m. Friday.
Claremore Police Department, Street Department and the Will Rogers Library will be the last   departments to join the system.
This is the final transition completing the city’s telephone system upgrade.
In an effort the system was implemented to provide more efficient customer service to our citizens, according to Communications Director Cassie Woods.
“The new automated system gets the caller to the person they want to talk with faster and with fewer transfers,” Woods said. “As with any new technology, there will be a transition period and we thank you for your patience as we work to improve this service.”
The new system is a Shoretel System providing several options to callers.
“The costs for the Shoretel system have been $98,262.74. This replaces the phone systems for the entire city and integrates all the seperate locations together into one system,” said Information Technology Director Tim White.
Recently, the city transitioned the receptionist for the city to another department since the new system replaced that position.
Additional cost savings for the city include future telephone service charges at approximately $2,100 per month, according to White.
“Adding the Police Department was a big step in completing this transition.  All emergencies should, of course, still first be reported to 911.  But,  this upgrade to the non-emergency phone lines will enable the customer to get the quickest response by dialing the main police line without tying up emergency lines,” Woods said.  
 Direct-dial numbers will now be available to the public.
“When the system changes, a customer who frequently calls the same city employee can make note of that employee’s extension and get directly to them by dialing that three-digit number at the main menu,” Woods said. “This will eliminate lost messages, delays on hold while transferring calls and being sent to the wrong person.”  

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