Claremore Daily Progress

May 5, 2013

Commissioners to discuss purchases, procedures

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter

CLAREMORE — The Rogers County Commissioners will meet Monday to discuss several general business items including the new procedures, payment of purchase orders, auction procedures and employment matters.

The board will continue discussions from last week on the new courthouse and procedures for changes to the interior structure/surface of the building and plans for a public auction.

Employees have not been permitted to hang artwork or other items on the walls and public spaces have yet to be decorated.

Before an auction can take place each office must insure inventory records are correct.

Several items were transferred among offices during the move, after some elected officials purchased more than $100,000 in new furniture.

For example, the treasure’s office, district attorney’s office, county clerk, commissioners and other offices left items in the old building that were being replaced with new furnishings or were no longer needed.

Elected officials and department heads were provided the opportunity to retrieve the items for use creating a “swap” of inventory and now officials are working to insure proper records of the items have been made in preparation for the upcoming state audit, according to county officials.

Rogers County Assessor Scott Marsh is just one official that took the opportunity to get the used items to provide additional resources for his employees.

Additionally, Marsh worked with Commissioner Dan DeLozier to equip his new office space with cubicle dividers, surplus government property that was donated from other agencies located in Tulsa.

“We were able to make the move for minimal costs,” Marsh said.

Once inventory is verified then the auction can move forward, according to DeLozier.

The board will meet in executive session to discuss the employment of Larry Curtis.

Curtis serves as the Rogers County Planning and Zoning Director and also overseas several other county functions including flood plain coordination.

The agenda does not list the specific item for discussion; only the purpose is to discuss the hiring, appointment, promotion, demotion, disciplining or resignation of any individual salaried public officer or employee.

Curtis has been commended by the Board of County Commissioners for several aspects of his performance including his recent completion of the Oklahoma Flood Plain Administrator Certification.

The BOCC will also be discussing a “house keeping” issue with the recently approved measure to provide Rogers County Industrial Development Authority, RCIDA with $300,000 in funding from the Rogers County excess excise tax collections.

The item is simply a discussion on the proper payment procedure and funding to be used, however there is no change to the agreement to fund RCIDA, according to Commissioner Kirt Thacker.

In other business, the Rogers County Election Board will be requesting the board approve the disposal and transfer of an accessible voting booth to Nowata County.

The commissioners will receive another update on the courthouse and 911 Center projects approving approximately $1.3 million in payments to Flintco and BKL Inc.

Rogers County Clerk Robin Anderson will be presenting the clerk’s cashbook and summary report for April and the monthly report of officers to the board.