Claremore Daily Progress

May 6, 2013

Claremore graduate chosen to compete on Jeopardy! College Championship

Mark Friedel
Staff Reporter


University of Tulsa sophomore and former Claremore student Forrest Farjadian is set to compete against 15 of America’s sharpest college students this week in the “Jeopardy! College Championship.” 
The two-week event began Monday and will feature Farjadian in Friday’s episode as he battles for $100,000 and an automatic berth in the “Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions.”
“I feel like I’m in a beauty pageant everytime I say this, but the other contestants really are all incredibly nice, bright, funny people,” said Farjadian. “Of course we’re all friends on Facebook now.”
He said he is glad to be a part of something so special.
“I’m a little bit of an introvert and all the attention is kind of frightening, especially since I’m representing Claremore and TU. But it’s also fun to be a little famous.”
As a long-time fan of “Jeopardy!” Farjadian reminisced of old friends who recently got in touch with him to say “Congratulations, I remember you telling me in the fifth grade that you watched Jeopardy! every day after school...” 
He said he didn’t realize how long he had been watching “Jeopardy!” until word was out that he would be on the show.
“I really love the show, but now my heart’s going to pump just a little bit faster when I hear that famous theme music.”
Many of the other contestants said they would use their winnings to pay for tuition, however, as a TU student, Farjadian is supported by a community of donors.
“I don’t have to worry about tuition,” he said. “I bought the newest IPod when I found out that I was going to be on the show, mostly because my mom had just got an IPhone and she was tired of me stealing it to mess around with Siri. That’s about as close as I get to a shopping spree, so I’m going to save some and donate the rest.”
Farjadian said getting on “Jeopardy!” was a stroke of luck, so he would feel kind of guilty if he kept all of the money.
“I’ve had a lot of fun volunteering for KWGS, TU’s public radio station, and I love their local programming, so I’m going to give them a call during next pledge drive,” he said. “I’ve been watching OETA even longer than I’ve been watching “Jeopardy!”, so they’re also going to get a call.
Farjadian, a political science and Spanish student, is currently studying for finals. He is a member of the TU Persian Student Association and Pi Sigma Alpha, the political science honors society.
“I guess you could say I’m an honorary member of some of the organizations I was in during high school,” he said. 
“Every once in a while I come back to Claremore to help out with events for the Technology Student Association and the state championship-winning CHS Academic Team. 
Being in those groups really changed my life and I’m glad they let me stick around.”
Farjadian is son of Armand and Laura Farjadian of Claremore. 
“I’ve lived just outside Claremore my whole life. I would even have had the same address, if it hadn’t been for the county’s E911 addressing changes.”
“Jeopardy!” episode will air at 4:30 p.m. Friday on CBS.