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June 14, 2012

Pelivan funding, hours extended


The voice of the people was heard, as citizen requests  prompted increased Pelivan hours of service. 
The Claremore City Council approved the necessary funding Monday as part of the 2012-13 budget.
“We always welcome our citizens to take an active role in the services we provide.  We don’t always know what the needs are if they are not brought to us by the people.  This is a great example of how public involvement in local government ends in results that benefit the citizens,” said Cassie Woods, Executive Officer. “The city administration welcomes public comment and hopes this serves as a reminder that your council is there to serve you,”   
This change comes after several citizens have expressed interest to the council or city staff for extended hours.  
After hearing their concerns and requests, the council requested more information on the service.  
In addition to the approximately 40,000 passenger trips the Pelivan operates each year, the number of pickups for elderly and disabled riders has steadily increased each year for the past five years.  
This suggested to the council that there is a great need for citizens who are unable to drive.  
One citizen, Janice Cowan, spoke during the council meeting, stating that she depends on the Pelivan to take her everywhere.  
She expressed the desire for non-drivers to be able to have a personal life after hours and reminded the council that everyone will some day reach an age where they depend on services like the Pelivan.
“We will appreciate the extra time,” Cowan said.
Cowan uses a motorized vehicle and the transportation options Pelivan offers are critical to her.
She led the group of Pelivan riders at an earlier meeting when they explained to the council the hours would improve the “quality of life” they could have.
The new contract will allow for weekend evening service for those dependent on the public transit system.

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