Claremore Daily Progress

July 21, 2013

Bridge work saves county $10,000

Salesha Wilken
Staff Writer


Rogers County Commissioner Dan DeLozier completed stage one of a project to repair Claremore’s Happy Lake Bridge this week.
Tulsa Pier Drilling completed the foundation piers Thursday, allowing the roadway to open ahead of schedule and saving approximately $10,000 in taxpayer dollars.
Doug Watts, President of Tulsa Pier Drilling LLC, lowered the cost to Rogers County by re-evaluating the type of piers and actual soil conditions found during construction.
The original bid price was approximately $63,000. Four 28-inch diameter holes were drilled and 26-inch diameter steel pipe called casing was placed approximately 40 feet into the ground. An eight-foot long, 24-inch diameter rock socket was dug below the casing to support the bridge. Rebar cages were installed, concrete poured, and casing was removed to complete the bridge pier.
Watts and his team used a drill similar to the machine owned by Rogers County District 2.
Commissioner Mike Helm purchased the drill with FEMA funds for approximately $583,000, however it was not used for the District 1 project.
This type of drill work takes specialized skills and equipment, according to Watts.
DeLozier said Friday he is extremely satisfied with the work Watts and his team provided.
Tulsa Pier Drilling was able to complete the work ahead of schedule and under budget, he added.
Saving taxpayer money is always a top priority, according to DeLozier.
The project is anticipated to last a few more weeks with a few days of one-lane closures while the next stage of construction is complete.
“The bridge was in desperate need of repair,” DeLozier said.
DeLozier’s crew will be assisting in the completion of the project after bidding requirements on the bridge top have been completed.
Notification of road closures will be sent to area residents through the countywide emergency management system.