Claremore Daily Progress

April 30, 2013

Flame moving to courthouse

Tom Fink
Staff Reporter


Rogers County Commissioners  voted unanimously Monday to incorporate the Eternal Flame and its nearby markers from the old courthouse into the landscape at the new building.
“This is an item that was brought up to members of the Recommendation Committee,” Rogers County Judge Sheila Condren said to commissioners. “We have been approached by numerous members of the community with their concerns about the markers — there are the marble and granite markers — in addition to the Eternal Flame.
“So, we took this issue up amongst our (Recommendations) committee and overwhelmingly, everyone felt it important to recommend to the Board of County Commissioners that these items be incorporated into the landscape design of the new courthouse,” she said. “One of the folks we spoke to was Commissioner (Dan) DeLozier, who has been instrumental and active with the veterans community. He has worked on there being a ceremony so that the flame would never actually go out.”
Condren then requested that  DeLozier be appointed to oversee the relocation of the memorial markers and the Eternal Flame from their current site and their incorporation into the landscape of the new courthouse. Commissioner Kirt Thacker observed the need to expedite the proposed movements of the markers and Eternal Flame as the old courthouse is slated to soon be knocked down and both would be in the way of such.
DeLozier told commissioners that the VFW had offered to serve as a site to temporarily keep the markers and Eternal Flame while plans are being made for their integration to the new courthouse’s landscape.
“I’ve spoken to the people at the VFW and they’re very interested in moving the Eternal Flame and the markers to their location temporarily,”  DeLozier said, “with the intention to move them back at the appropriate time, with the accompaniment of a ceremony to honor and recognize this.”
Thacker then motioned for DeLozier to head a committee to oversee the movement and incorporation of the memorial markers and Eternal Flame to the new courthouse landscape design. Commissioner Mike Helm seconded the motion and it passed in a unanimous vote.