Claremore Daily Progress

November 2, 2012

New park project begins

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter

CLAREMORE — Will Rogers Park in Claremore is part of a new proposal to raise funds to build a new playground development.

The park will be divided into several specialty areas including a veteran’s area and Cherokee heritage area, and will include educational aspects.
Crystal Campbell recently presented the idea to the Claremore City Council and received approval to begin fundraising efforts on behalf of the city.
“I want this to be a citywide project,” Campbell said.  
The city did not obligate any funds to the project, but gave approval for Campbell and other private citizens to raise money and organize the project.
Campbell described the project stating, “I understand that this is a very large undertaking.”
The project is expected to take years to complete and donations can be made to the Rogers County Coalition for Healthy Lifestyles.
The committee operates in conjunction with the Rogers County Health Department and is responsible for the RoCo fit program and the Blue Starr Community garden.
“I believe in this project and that the people of the town will get behind it with the city’s support,” Campbell said.
The plan includes adding features, lighting, sidewalks and stairs to memorialize veterans. A “Veteran Walk” could include a wall to honor individuals that have served, according to Campbell.
This could also include firemen or police officers, she added.
A second area would be designed for disabled children to play for therapy. Swings for autistic and disabled would be a key feature.
The area would be used for teaching and sensory needs and would be fenced in for safety, according to Campbell.
The park would get a face-lift with new pavilions, bleachers, gardens and landscaping.
Finally, the project will include a large playground structure similar to the large park located near the sports complex in Owasso. This playground would have a strong emphasis on Cherokee Heritage that will tie into the heritage of Will Rogers, according to Campbell.
“We are hometown to America’s favorite son; we have a great heritage of wonderful people and we should shout it from the rooftops,” Campbell said.