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April 8, 2014

Commissioners approve the hiring of CPA

Certified public accountant to examine E911 revenues, expenditures

CLAREMORE — The Rogers County Board of Commissioners unanimously voted to approve the hiring of a certified public accountant Wednesday for revenue and expenditure analysis of the E911 Center.

District 1 Commissioner Dan DeLozier said the CPA, who has not been named, will be able to gather and provide the total amount of the center’s expenditures and its projected annual revenue. He said the information will be helpful in determining how much agencies who utilize, or will utilize the center’s dispatch services, should be charged in order to sustain the center.

“We need to get funding in place to allow the center to operate independently,” said DeLozier. “Our operating expense exceeds the anticipated revenue we would get from county agencies.”

According to E911 Administrator Janet Hamilton, the anticipated expenses of operating the center are $1.2 million with an $80,000 (estimated) payment to Motorola for radio system services and salaries of $727,000.

Northwest Fire District Chief David Puckett said the E911 Trust Authority and county commissioners are working together to create a county-wide dispatch service contract local agencies to sign as they become members of the center.

A draft of the contract was signed by commissioners, however, no fee was included for fear of lack of revenue for operating expenses.

Agencies currently utilizing the E911 dispatch services include the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office, Verdigris Police and Fire Departments and Tri-District Fire Department. Oologah and Talala are expected to join the E911 center at the end of the fiscal year in June, after their current contract (with a separate company) expires, said Puckett.

Oologah, Talala and additional county agencies, are reluctant to sign on without knowing if their costs for dispatching services will increase.

“Our goal is to make it where the attached monthly fee for dispatch services does not increase, but I cannot confirm that it won’t at this time,” said DeLozier. “We are going to need additional staffing once more agencies jump on board, and we have to be able to pay those employees.”

So far this fiscal year, E911 center dispatch has conducted more than 28,000 calls for service for the three county agencies.

DeLozier said he will meet with authority members next Thursday to discuss  the completion of the contract.


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