Claremore Daily Progress

September 20, 2013

Property owners beware of deed scam

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter


Several property owners in Rogers County have received scam mail, asking to pay for a deed to their property.
The letter is mailed directly to property owners. It looks official and is clearly marked “deed processing notice,” according to Debbie Morrison, receptionist for Rogers County Assessor Scott Marsh.
However, it is a scam and people need to beware of potential fraud,  Morrison said.
The letter is normally received within a few days of a recent land transaction.
A lot of people contacting our office are concerned because they just put their land in a trust or purchased new properties, according to Morrison.
The abstract company will provide the information the property owners need or they can get a copy of a deed from the county clerk. This type of mail is not part of the process, according to Morrison.
“The letter is just trying to fool people,” Morrison said. 
Pam Blackburn, county clerk land records supervisor, has spoke with several people who received the letter.
“If you need a copy of your deed we have them here in the clerk's office,” Blackburn said. “Ignore the letter, it is a scam.”
A copy of the letter was provided to the Claremore Daily Progress and in this example the homeowner was asked to mail $83 to Record Transfer Services.
The company listed is from Wilmington, Del.; although, the letter was actually mailed from an address in Thousand Oaks, Calif.
“The company — Record Transfer Services — is not affiliated with the state of Oklahoma or the county recorder,” the letter states.
It lists the property owners name, address, parcel number and other property data.
The document includes a compliance response date or deadline and requests a check be sent by mail. There is a customer service number listed on the letter. The Claremore Daily Progress contacted the business for comment, but none was provided.
The customer service representative said the letter was a service for people who have not received a copy of their deed.  The company operates a call center in California and the representative said the property information listed on the letter is found by public record.