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October 11, 2013

Yost travels to 17 national parks, returns to Claremore for Homecoming


Ron Yost is a man in love.  He’s in love with the United States and thinks its citizens should see America first. He practices what he preaches.  His most recent journey to see America took him to 17 national parks, traveling 8,123 miles in an eight-week period. He left Claremore on May 3 and returned July 1.
Traveling solo, he rode his Gold Wing 1800 with a motor trike kit attachment. He towed a trailer with 600 pounds of gear, plus his food and water supply.     
His wife Sandra usually travels with him, but not this time. Understandably, she prefers camping trips with their fifth wheel. Ron met Sandra (Mann) when he moved to Claremore from Catoosa for his senior year in high school.  His class of 1963 celebrates their 50th reunion this week. 
Yost said his motorcycle was photographed “at least 500 times.” 
“Every time I pulled into a campsite or stopped for gas, people came to take pictures.”
When he pulled into a parking space to photograph Bryce Canyon, bus loads of Korean tourists were already there, and they swarmed around him. One gestured about a photograph, and Ron first thought he was asking permission to drive the motorcycle. The answer to that would have been a “no”. 
Then Ron realized he just wanted to sit on the motorcycle and have his picture taken and he was happy to agree. Then all of the Koreans in the group wanted the same and Ron Yost spent more than an hour at that photo op site.
During his two-month adventure, he spent just four nights in a motel, waiting for needed parts. Every other night he camped in a state or national park. 
Claremore residents will also know Ron as the R of H n R Marine, which he and his dad, Harold, owned and operated for 26 years. Ron is dad to daughters Kimberly and Toni. His artistic granddaughter Mallory gave him a send off by painting the Okie Hobo logo on his rig before he departed. 

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