Claremore Daily Progress

January 28, 2014

Deputies arrest suspect involved in car theft

Mark Friedel
Staff Writer

CLAREMORE — Rogers County deputies arrested a Chelsea man involved in two car thefts Sunday night. Darrell Ray Omar Jr. was arrested inside a residence where he parked a stolen vehicle, according to the arrest report.

Just before 7 p.m. Sunday, deputies were dispatched to a Chelsea residence, located at 4013 South 4300 Road, in reference to a stolen vehicle. The reporting person advised dispatch that he knew who stole his car.

Deputies were informed that Omar stole the vehicle after the victim left the car and ran into the residence for a brief time. The victim, Jeffrey Davis informed deputies that several other people left the home to chase after the vehicle.

As authorities arrived on scene, they found the vehicle sitting in the driveway.  Davis told deputies, his friend found the vehicle after Omar pulled over on Highway 28, five miles south of Chelsea. The drivers side window had been busted by the friend to get Omar out of the car. He said he physically fought with Omar and then took the car back to the residence.

While the deputy was taking the report, Mayes County Sheriff’s Office called asking for assistance in locating a stolen vehicle from Mayes County. The deputy radioed that a white truck had been stolen in the same area that Davis’ car was located.

Rogers County deputies obtained directions from Davis to a Chelsea house where Omar was known to stay. According to the report, Chelsea Police drove by and observed a white truck matching the description, as well as, two men running inside the house from the truck. The vehicle then left the house and Chelsea advised they were in a pursuit with the driver.

Rogers County Deputies then arrived at the house where they found Omar inside, hiding behind a couch in the living room. He was arrested and booked into the Rogers County Jail.

According to a Chelsea PD release, the pursuit began east on Highway 66 then south on a county road before ending on 4285 Road. The suspect driving the truck turned around and aimed the vehicle at an officer’s patrol car, slamming into the unit striking one officer that had exited the car.

The Chelsea unit attempted to continue the pursuit, but the collision had disabled the patrol car’s brakes and the unit left the roadway, striking trees and catching fire, according to the release.

The suspect driving the vehicle was able to get away, however the vehicle was recovered Monday at another residence in Chelsea.

Investigation into the driver of the vehicle is still ongoing, said Chelsea Police Chief Chris Bohl.

“We are confident that we will be filing additional charges against Omar and anyone else involved in this case,” he said.

Bohl said officers involved in the pursuit were not seriously injured.