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August 8, 2013

City renews Pelivan Transit contract


The Claremore City Council voted Monday to renew the $91,791 contract through Grand Gateway through Pelivan Transit to provide transportation services to the public.
Pelivan transported 41,000 individuals in 2012, many of which are elderly or school aged children in need of a ride home from school, according to Sharon McDonald, director of the Claremore Senior Citizen Center.
Pelivan serves residents living within a two-mile radius of the city, according to McDonald.
Very few complaints are received by the city on services, she added.
“We only have one form of public transportation,” McDonald said. “Any issue that comes along, the city addresses it.”
There are citizens that are continuing to pursue more extended hours, but other requests are limited, according to McDonald.
The fee is $2 for seniors and $ 2.50 for those under 60.
Pelivan has dedicated six vehicles to serve the city and four operate on demand, according to McDonald.
Elderly passengers account for about 7,000 of the total riders and many parents rely on the service to get their children safely home from school, McDonald said.
“Their parents are working and this service is a reliable form of transportation,” McDonald said. 
The drivers take the “latch key kids” home and make sure they get in the door, she said.
Although the number of riders has decreased this year, it is due to a change in fuel prices and many other social economic factors.
The city reports a decrease in the number of senior citizens receiving services by approximately 3,000 in the past five years.
Despite the decrease, the city continues to find supplemental sources of funding for the program.
The city currently receives a small grant to assist riders age 60 and over traveling to receive medical services.
“When this is the only form of public transportation in the city you have to see what you can do to help people” McDonald said.

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