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February 19, 2013

Rape victim’s mother angry with DA



“The likelihood of the suspect being treated as an adult is unlikely,” McConnell said.
A court order psychiatric evaluation determined the suspect should be tried as a juvenile, he said.
 “I agree that the victim’s mother is not happy with the options that are in front of us. We are trying to make the best of the situation that we have within the law,” McConnell said.
In the email, the victim’s mother clearly states that she is not in agreement with the plea bargain that she believes was misrepresented to Judge Terrell Crosson last week.
McConnell said that they [the victim and her mother] did not need to attend a hearing last week, then proceeded to enter the plea agreement against their wishes, she added.
It is not uncommon for victims to be told they do not need to appear at certain court proceedings, according to McConnell.
The mother said she and her daughter went to the hearing anyway. 
“Sean told the judge we were on board, but not liking it,” the mother said. “That is a complete lie.”
“There was not a plea agreement made on this case, it was a recommendation on how the case should proceed,” McConnell said. 
McConnell emailed the victim’s mother on Feb. 8 to explain the details of the proposed plea agreement.
The agreement would have the suspect transferred from jail to the sex offender unit at Shadow Mountain to receive drug treatment, sex offender treatment and permit him to earn his GED, according to the email.
The mother wanted the suspect tried as an adult, requiring him to register as a sex offender.
The disagreement prompted a meeting with the ADA.
“Sean told me that he did not represent my daughter, he represented the state of Oklahoma. He said he was the ADA and could do whatever he wanted,” the victim’s mother said. “Sean said he could try the case any way he wanted, that he was doing this as a courtesy to me. He said my daughter gave consent to the rape. That he has answered my phone calls and emails. Sean told me to calm down and that he could drop the charges if he wanted to.”

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