Claremore Daily Progress

February 20, 2013

County Jail escape stopped

Mark Friedel
Staff Reporter

CLAREMORE — Rogers County Sheriff’s Office stopped an escape attempt Saturday by discovering a hole on the roof that connected to the kitchen inside the jail. 

The two inmates involved were Michael McNickle and Jerome Shavers. Both told authorities they were planning to escape through the hole or have contraband dropped down into the jail.
“The dynamic duo worked as kitchen trustees who removed a vent and used a spoon to pry away obstacles to crawl through the venting to reach the roof,” said Rogers County Deputy Jerry Smittle. “There they created a hole that a person or contraband could fit through.
Smittle said because trustees are allowed to wear their own shoes, the shoe prints are what gave them away.
Following the discovery, more than 200 inmates were given “shakedowns” in case they were hiding contraband, which is anything not allowed by jail officials. The search included public areas and inmate cells. RCSO gives credit to Maintenance Director Dave Hill for finding and reporting the damage.
Sheriff’s department authorities plan to ask District Attorney Janice Steidley to file attempted escape charges against the two inmates involved.