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March 5, 2014

Claremore works to develop community branding strategy


Claremore leaders and residents participated in a Community Branding Kickoff meeting Tuesday night at Northeast Tecnology Center.
The discussion provided an opportunity for the public to contribute their ideas for the development of a community branding strategy to drive business growth, energize development and encourage relocation.
Ben Muldrow, of Arnett Muldrow & Associates, presented the meeting following a day of branding workshops at NTC Claremore. 
The unveiling of the new branding will be at 6 p.m tonight in the Rogers State University Centennial Center. 
Arnett Muldrow & Associates will display a full-blown marketing system, including new organizational, event and advertising logos, as well as, digital media strategies.
Based in Greenville, S.C., Arnett Muldrow & Associates works with communities to enhance economic opportunities while preserving the rich history and character that makes each city and town stand out, said Muldrow.
“We’ve got a unique circumstance here in Claremore because of all the partnerships that have come together to arrive at this process,” said Muldrow. “It is an absolutely great team, and sadly I can say a lot of communities are not able to get groups such as these together.”
The steering committee includes the City of Claremore, Claremore Chamber of Commerce, Claremore Main Street, Claremore Visitors Bureau, Claremore Industrial Economic Development Authority and the Innovation Center at Rogers State University.
At the kickoff meeting, Muldrow asked citizens and community leaders several questions regarding information to help his team craft a branding system, allowing residents to capture the values that they cherish about the place they call home.
“I think people get nervous anytime they hear about marketing or branding a place because it may bring in people that make the place different from what they enjoy about it,” said Muldrow. “One of the best ways that a community can preserve its personality is by first defining its personality. Believe it or not, digging in your heels and doing nothing is not a preservation tactic.” 

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