Claremore Daily Progress

October 4, 2013

E911 Center gets equipped

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter


E911 Center construction is near complete and equipment installation will begin in the next few weeks with a move in date of Jan. 1 2014.
The E911 Trust Authority met Thursday to discuss the progress of the project and finalize plans to equip the facility.
The anticipated installation of furniture and phones is the week of Oct. 21, according to E911 Director Janet Hamilton.
There will be a minimum of four workstations in the news facility.
Another aspect of the project will include monitor screens to help dispatchers view mapping, Teletype, CAD system, weather and other dispatch computer software to assist with calls.
Each station will include several 22-inch monitors to support the software programs.
The authority requested Dell monitors and supporting computer system be purchased through state contract purchasing system pending the approval of the board of county commissioners.
The state contract pricing is approximately $12,000.
Additionally, Presidio phones will be used in the administrative offices and the phone system will serve as a backup to the courthouse network.
The equipment will cost approximately $16,000 for the administrative lines.
Dispatcher phone lines will be a separate system supported by a backup in Owasso.
Dispatcher will have up-to-date computer equipment and radio systems adding tools to match training efforts.
The employees will continue training including emergency response certification, which provide callers with real time answers to common medical concerns.
The dispatcher will use a transcript to deal with the issues including instructions to help caller provide assistance prior to the moment EMS can arrive.
The dispatchers will be able to provide CPR and other critical medical care directions once certified. 
The trust authority continues to finalize a working model to fund operations once the building is operational.