Claremore Daily Progress

October 4, 2013

Ask the Mayor

Mickey Perry
Mayor of Claremore


What are the ramifications and or procedure in Claremore Municipal Court if you fail to appear on the court appearance date?
When a police officer writes a ticket, the ticket includes an appearance date for City Court.  If a person fails to appear in City Court on the date designated on the citation, the City Judge issues a bench warrant for that person, for failure to appear.
In addition to the original citation(s), a warrant fee will be added when the warrant is issued.  The City Court Clerk then will notify the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (for traffic violations) and your driver’s license will be suspended until all court issues are resolved.
It is necessary to appear in Court and resolve the citation and warrant.  Once all issues are resolved before the Municipal Judge, then, and only then, you may apply to the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety for reinstatement of your license. 
So for example you may start with a speeding violation, then by not appearing you have the original citation, plus a bench warrant fine, and a fee to Department of Public Safety for reinstatement of your driver license.  Also, keep in mind if a bench warrant is issued and you come in contact with a law enforcement officer you may be subject to arrest.
Even if you have a financial hardship it is in your best interest to appear and explain the situation to the Judge.
Finally, if you have a question concerning the possibility of an outstanding City warrant and want to make arrangements to appear in court, you can call the City Court Clerk at 918-341-1325.  If you choose to just pay the fine by mail contact the City Court Clerk and you will be advised the procedure.
See you around town!
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